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Four years ago, I launched the Elsa Muse blog. I have to say that I was far from imagining that it would turn out the way it did.

At first, it was really just a hobby for me, a sort of parenthesis in my daily routine of my “marketing girl” life. I wanted it to be fun and creative. My blog was the perfect place to share my inspirations, give life to my ideas and start doing my first DIYs. I really clicked on fast : less than two years after, I decided to quit my job and work full-time on my passion.

Today, Elsa Muse is much more than just a blog. Elsa Muse is my creative alter ego and this alter ego is looking to express itself, constantly and everywhere. Here first, on elsamuse.com, my blog or to be precise I would say, my magazine because I create things in it and imagine things every day regarding my feelings and the people I encounter. But also on Instagram, my daily journal where I share my best pictures and my stop-motion videos. And at last in my studio, a real place, where I become an artistic director and imagine creative collaborations with fashion brands I like.

No matter which format or place, the spirit of Elsa Muse is always the same : create and have fun !


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create and have fun