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FASHION DIY – The Saint Laurent style Bralette AH18

Photographer : Anna Rakvalova

Mild temperatures or not, this winter we reveal everything! You know what I’m into: Getting my inspiration from shows to recreate clothing full of DIY for around ten euros. During the Autumn-Winter 17-18, in many leading brands, lingerie or even breasts are revealed, we venture into transparency. Let us then also dare, as what man can stay insensitive to a bralette ahah? Let’s not be crude, I propose you make a tiny and ultra-light bra inspired by Saint-Laurent, just enough to cover the nipples and allowing you to be instagram-friendly.

I imagined this tutorial for my BOX DIY “Noël au balcon”, so it was out in November as an avant-premiere on the BOX site, accessible with a code only for those subscribed, that I have just revealed here. In the BOX, all the material necessary was provided in the blue packet.

If you’re thinking “what’s the story with this blue bag??”, that means you haven’t heard about my BOX DIY concept which I launched last October, and you’re missing out on something. Basically, in each BOX DIY, there is a blue bag of DIY MODE, a red one of DIY BEAUTE and a yellow bag of DIY SOI to create and discover yourself. And if you’re now thinking “What a pity I missed out on the BOX DIY “Noël au balcon”, I should have bought it!”, I have the solution on the ESHOP ELSA SHOP where the supplies are sold separately 🙂


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