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DIY de SOI – Greenwashing, myth or reality?

For this second Elsanalyse Youtube video I decided to take on an important subject, Greenwashing. I had this idea during the developing of the second BOX DIY by Elsa Muse (find out about the concept here) called “NOEL AU BALCON”. Staying true to myself and to my puns, each chosen theme has a double meaning. So in this box, DIY fashion and beauty were created for the chest (pun in French with “au balcon” meaning a certain uncovering chest-level); and for the DIY de SOI, a Noël au balcon is soft… due to the global warming? Maybe…

In this context, together with the team, we had a think about all the brands, which consider themselves green, natural, or even sometimes claiming they have a positive impact on the environment. I am a bit lost with all of this, can we believe them or not? Or should we remain suspicious regarding their talk some claim is for marketing purposes only? That’s actually what Greenwashing means: Washing from brainwashing and Green for the colour usually used for environment. What should one think of all this?

To make it clearer and help you forge your own opinion on the issue, I want to present to you two important personalities in the green world.

Mirela Orlovic, green influencer and founder of the great platform Urbanmeisters. She explains what you should indeed avoid and insists especially on the good habits to adopt to stay cool, sexy and fashionable and be responsible at the same time. I have no more doubts, green is the new cool!

Alexandra Palt, social and environmental responsibility director for the L’Oréal group. It’s an immense honour to have been able to meet her and she is an incredible woman who worked in NGOs before joining the group. She has a real knowledge of the terrain and a militant approach to make things move forward.  I was able to have an open talk with her, on the beauty world and finally get simple and transparent answers to all the questions that were nagging me for so long now: controversial ingredients, tests on animals, applications that note products…

You will certainly learn a lot by watching the whole of the video, and to go further, you can loop up the specific contents developed for the BOX DIY by clicking here. The BOX DIY Noël au balcon is no longer being sold but rendez-vous on the ESHOP where you can purchase parts of its DIY content.

And if you like this video, you will surely like the ELSANALYSE one developed for the January BOX DIY, “SE SERRER LA CEINTURE”. This time it’s a podcast where I question myself about how to save money while still being trendy, a vast subject around the fast vs slow fashion. Even better if you want to discover the whole world of the BOX DIY, it’s HERE

Oh and I count on you to be indulgent regarding my performance in the video huh! Not everyone has the ease of Bernard de la Villardière in front of a camera haha!


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