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DIY BEAUTE – Taking care of your breasts !

Cleavage and breasts are sensitive and fragile parts of the body. Massage, strengthen and embellish them… everything was in the BOX DIY “Noël au balcon”.

Inside were some recipes to erase, invigorate and tone your breasts. And for those who wanted more or show off a little extra, L’Oréal Paris added a tip to cheat.

That’s when you notice you’ve missed out on the BOX DIY “Noël au balcon”. I have the solution, go on to ESHOP ELSA SHOP where you can find all DIY kits sold separately from the BOX DIY.

Basically, here is the recipe for your BOOBS:

  1. Exfoliate
  2. A firming mask with Rhassoul for a soft and firm skin
  3. An Invigorating massage oil you can perhaps use between several of you 😉
  4. A PUSH UP effect due to a light and dark foundation Accord Parfait by L’Oréal Paris

I have released the tutorials to be followed here. So on your marks get set, go, mix!! Enjoy!


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