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DIY BEAUTE – Prendre son pied

We are always telling ourselves that we don’t have time and that we need to take it easy. Well don’t take it too easy because we are going to erase, take care of, massage and colour. I transformed my kitchen into a cosmetic laboratory to create quick and simple recipes. You will take good care of you feet, naturally and efficiently. And if you’re thinking that it’s winter so you never show your feet, well I believe it’s about time to do so!

At the office, we prepared 4 recipes for you to make and to discover yourself:

  1. A fresh and efficient erasing
  2. Particular care to strengthen your nails
  3. An oil to massage your feet
  4. Nail polish in YOUR colours thanks to L’Oréal Paris

In this article I only put a few samples because HERE you can find each tutorial with more detail. Why? Because these recipes are the ones we created for the first BOX DIY by ELSA MUSE, called PRENDRE SON PIED and is not for sale anymore… but as many of you are asking for it, we offer you a surprise on the ELSA SHOP: you can now buy it in spare kits, ideal for Christmas, isn’t it?

If you don’t know about the BOX DIY world, it’s THIS WAY

On your marks, get set, mix!! Enjoy!!


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