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DIY de SOI – Feminine pleasure

2017 is a year of experimentation and discovery of new creative worlds. For those of you who haven’t been following or missed it, I started by expanding the Studio Mumuse with some creation content for brands, then I launched together with my team a BOX DIY by Elsa Muse (find out about the concept here)… within this set up, we produce very different stuff about questions every person in their 30’s asks themselves. In fact, upon the launching of our first BOX DIY, which the theme was PRENDRE SON PIED (have a blast), we approached the vast question of FEMININE PLEASURE and orgasm. Indeed I discovered recently we weren’t all on the same page with regard to pleasure…

This subject is often taboo but nevertheless important because it reveals many inequalities. A theme too rarely spoken about with friends and that stays at best in the intimacy of the bedroom. Some time ago, I watched the Peggy Orenstein conference at the San Francisco TedX (you can find it here) and it really caught my attention. This American journalist and author explains that many women have sexual relations without feeling any real pleasure and even mentions pain in 30% of the cases. They also use words like “depressing”, “humiliating”, “degrading” or base their own pleasure on their partner’s pleasure. They often feel that if he is satisfied, then they are too. If the orgasm isn’t necessarily the criteria to evaluate a sexual relation, should absence of pain be one? Does having a fantastic time actually mean nothing to us girls?

While looking up on Internet, I realised that it is a subject that is starting to gather quality content. Emma Watson publicly declared on the show of the great feminist journalist Gloria Steinem that she went on the Internet platform called Oh My God Yes where they explain in a free and considerate manner how to masturbate and learn to know your body. I also discovered Juliet Allen on Instagram, an Australian sexologist I interviewed, and she offers a lot of precious advice.

You will certainly learn a lot watching the whole video, and to go further, have a look at the specific contents developed for the BOX DIY by clicking  HEREIn this BOX, we offered a book of games called 20 days to discover yourself. The BOX DIY Prendre son Pied isn’t sold anymore but you can go on the ESHOP where you can buy it in separate pieces.

And if you enjoyed this video, you will probably like the ELSANALYSE we created for our December BOX DIY, NOEL AU BALCON. We talk about Greenwashing… and eco-fashion amongst other things. Even better if you want to discover the BOX DIY world, it’s HERE


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