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#thisishowwework ! I am sure you have seen this # lately in my posts showing off the Mumuse Team. Today Pauline and I decided to share with you our vision of how to work together successfully to carry out all our projects. We do it with complete humility, but we thought it would be an interesting subject for those ready to go for it: in short, what can one think about the corporate culture when you have an entrepreneurial spirit?

spent many years working for big companies and I also did my internships in large organisations before going out on my own. We know well the well oiled process, the reassuring hierarchy, efficient meetings, materials always provided, but we also know the politics, the meetings for the sake of having meetings, decisions never made or made by 25 people… or even the loss of meaning or of the true goal. Our association with Pauline is based on transparency, trust, communication and goodwill. For us, it is essential that these values are implicit in each of our projects. Our intimate belief: if we naturally act from the start in such a way, the people and the teams surrounding us will feel it. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve already gone such a long way. Slowly but surely we created our own methods, organised our business around 3 pillars I regularly speak about: firstly the world of the blog, the Studio Mumuse where we create for brands and now the development of the BOX DY by Elsa Muse. So we need to be very organised, agile and flexible to last minute changes and we ask a lot or our teams and ourselves. This is usually the case for young start-ups.

We are surrounded by passionate people to whom we want to convey our energy every day and it’s possible due to an essential value that transcends all the others at Elsa Muse: FUN!! We even call it “Mumuse effect” internally (pun with “Mumuse” being a word for amusement). Let’s say it: we have fun. We create, but always in an off-the-wall way, we constantly play with words. This emulation worthy of a kindergarten creates a particular atmosphere in the Studio, and each person who comes through the door can feel it, well I hope so.

The Patricia Blanchet parties with crazy settings (tagged by our national Clément A.K.A Twins!) and its stand out design are as an example always a perfect way for us to have fun. We produce content together, we have fun…

For all that, we know how to get things done, because when we say FUN, we also mean PRODUCTIVITY. Indeed because in the end, we are extremely motivated and delighted to come to work in the morning. We chose to have a very flat organisation, I’m involved in the Artistic Direction and Pauline, the Business Direction. But everyone does a bit of everything; there is a lot of mutual aid. To work on creations with me, I currently work with freelancers and interns that spend time in our premises: Laurie, Clément, Joëlle and Julie. Florian and Yohann have their own structure but I call upon them regularly for light and sound design. They have golden fingers and are a proper Swiss knife. They are DIY, design and stop-motion pros… They assist me in all my creative craziness, and even ad their touch. The synergy is cool and the discussion is open-minded. As for Pauline, she works on the strategic part, marketing, HR, legal, accounting, public relations… to help her at the moment, there is Emilie, who was one of her students in Sciences Po (Pauline gives Marketing classes in Sciences Po), Sarah and Salomé stayed for a few months this summer and were recently replaced by Gaël, pro of the SEO, coding and digital in general. It’s amazing to meet all these different profiles. We tie bonds with them quickly, internships come to and end and others arrive. We permanently exchange with Pauline, line up our objectives, share our doubts and our wishes and if we don’t see each other for a day, we keep in touch. It’s a bit like my second couple haha!

Actually, even though we didn’t sit down at a table and say: we are going to create a company spirit, we realised it naturally fell into place with both of our personalities and the content we give to our creations because without a doubt, both of us like to create and implement…


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