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Sporty new term

Here we are, summer is almost over … I came back from Colombia Tuesday, I had way too many cocktails and Empanadas, I decided to go back into sports! My associate Pauline has a coach she sees weekly, called Gilles (@gilles_coach).

He is an ex-professional basketball player who arrives at 7 in the morning to ensure she has solid buttocks after her 3 children. But the first time, when you meet Gilles, it is not actually this sport you think of… haha!

One evening, with our overflowing imagination while having a drink with Pauline and our friend Tony, we decided it would be a great idea to make GIFs with Gilles. One thing lead to another, we were being very silly and BINGO we found the concept: GILF!

For those that didn’t get it, GILF = Gilles I would Like to Fuck (which comes from the MILF expression, Mother I would Like to Fuck when your best friend’s mom is a sex bomb…). So we’re laughing about our puns and we seriously put together the Gilles’ Lessons of Fitness. I can already see the very caliente artistic direction! In two days, we organise it all, we ask Gilles to join in, we buy Gilles little red shorts, cover him with olive oil and there we go! At the same time you can see how we work in Elsa Muse J The atmosphere has never been so hot in the studio, every girl took out her Iphone , Clement, one of our creative trainees was stoic looking at this…let’s say… inspiring body!

Now it’s your turn! Rendezvous today at 7 p.m. on my Instastory to follow the first full GILF episode. And moreover, tell us how you want us to dress Gilles next week on the Instastory!

You can download the small anti-cellulite exercise sheet here and start again at home, at lease 3 times a week. You can combine it with a soin du corps DIY 😉




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