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DIY the earrings Y-Project style

Photographer : Anna Rahkvalova

It’s been months since I made and shot this DIY mode but just haven’t found time to post it, how crazy is that! I noticed these earrings during the autumn-winter Y project show (you have to say, it would be hard to miss them haha).

For this DIY, you will need:

-2 x 70 cm of silvery metal thread with shape retention memory

-Plastic shading pearls, for each loop: 2 x 16 mm diameter / 6 x 14 mm / 1 x 13 mm / 2 x 10 mm / 22 x 07 mm / 57 x 05 mm

-2 bronze pearls that have no outlet 08mm

-A pair of metal rod earrings support


-A pair of wire-cutters

You can find the pearls in the Marais area, which regroups several specialised stores like PERLE ET MOI (20 rue du Temple, 75004 Paris) or TOUT A LOISIRS (50, Rue des Archives, 75004). Opt for plastic pearls, there’s a good chance the glass pearls would be too heavy for the loops.

For each loop,

Step 1: Cut 70cm of the metal thread / Step 2: put a spot of glue on the opening of the no outlet pearl / Step 3: Slip this glued pearl on one end of the thread. Let it dry for half-an-hour/ Step 4: While it’s drying, put a spot of glue on the earring support. Quickly place it on one of the big pearls, making sure to place it on the side of the pearl and not at the level of either of the holes.

This pearl will be the “support pearl”. Let it dry vertically for 1 to 2 hours. / Step 5: Take your thread again. Check that the no outlet pearl is well secured, otherwise your pearls may go everywhere during this step. Nice and dry? Thread your pearls! Start by the smallest and finish by the biggest. / Step 6: Once you have finished threading the pearls, leave 1cm after the last pearl and cut. This extra cm will enable you to put on your “support pearl”. / Step 7: Put a drop of glue on the hole of your “support pearl”. Be careful of your fingers, the glue might run through the other side of the pearl. / Step 8: Place the “support pearl” on the last centimetre of the thread.

Let it dry completely. You can reinforce the structure by putting a few drops of glue on the edges. / Step 9: Once dry, you can shape your earring! Keep in mind the pearls’ weight. To do so, curve your metal thread while holding the loop vertically, that’s how it will be worn.

Now, a bit of inspiration on how to wear them here, here ou encore here et there!


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