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Life as a Young Fashion Designer

As I’ve mentioned before, this year I’ve been wanting to experiment and create something new. Because of this, I decided to make a video for ELSANALYSE, my new youtube playlist through which I tackle subjects that I find important and themes that are dear to our generation, to bring more depth to and go beyond the content I was creating up until now. And in case you were wondering what “ELSANALYSE” means, it’s a play on words in french which means “Elsa Analyzes”.  For this first video experience, I wanted to address what it’s like to be a young fashion designer as I am constantly discovering new brands and designers that are launching their creations. And I know that even though hundreds of students graduate from fashion schools each year, only a few of them will actually end up making a name for themselves in the long run. So I wonder what it takes to get started, to break through, and to become recognized in the coveted world of fashion.

To answer this question, I took a quick journey to the backstages of the Hyères Festival, the world’s largest fashion and photography festival. Thanks to Petit Bateau, I was able to sneak behind the scenes to ask experts for tips and advice about getting started in the fashion industry. As you will see in this video, I met with the renowned fashion journalist Sophie Fontanel, whom I follow on instagram, and Wataru Tominaga, the 29 year old japanese winner of the 2016 Grand Prize of the Festival… together they reveal what goes on behind the curtain and provide us with some very valuable advice on succeeding in fashion.

And don’t forget to share your opinions! What do you think of this subject? Should we make more videos like this one?


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