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Fashion DIY Coffee grounds for a face mask

Now that the sun has finally come out, it’s time to put on our swimsuits, wear light summer dresses, and show off our legs. But wait, [ insert small panic attack] what’s all of this cellulite I see on my body? I’ve decided to give you a few beauty DIY recipes to help get rid of cellulite. As always, they will be quick and easy… and this time, they use recycled ingredients, which even better! I got the inspiration for these DIYs as I was emptying the used capsules from the coffee machine at the studio: when we throw out capsules, we also throw out lots of coffee grounds… and we could really do something to reuse these coffee grounds. So here are some DIY recipes… here’s to breaking new grounds with these coffee grounds hahaha

DIY #1: Exfoliating cubes that work against cellulite (to be stored in the freezer)

-1 tablespoon of coffee grounds (the contents of one coffee pod)

-1 tablespoon of coconut oil (about 20g))

-the juice of half a lemon (about 30g, and if you prefer, use bottled lemon juice)

-3 tablespoons plain yogurt (about 48g)

Melt the coconut oil on the stove over low heat  and add all the other ingredients. Pour the mixture into an icecube tray or into silicone molds for bite size cakes (the diameter should be about 4cm). And now stick the tray into the freezer for 6 hours. Unmold the cubes and store them in a box in the freezer. And taddaaaa now you have fresh exfoliating cubes to use under the shower – simply rub the cubes against your legs, and say “au revoir” to cellulite.  Watch the video tutorial!

DIY #2: RECIPE 2: Coffee grounds for a face mask named desire (hahaha)!

Even though the texture of this mask is kind of weird, it’s quick to make and use. Not to mention, it will leave your skin feeling really beautiful. So here’s how you make this mask: Mix together a teaspoon of coffee grounds with an egg white. Apply the mixture to your face in circular motions and then rinse it off. Say hello to soft skin.


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