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DIY: Fendi PE17 Shoes

Photographer : Anna Rakhvalova

Knit boots have been the highlight of the Spring/Summer 2017 fashion shows, especially in the collections of brands like Balenciaga, Fendi, and Vêtements. Since I don’t have 1000 euros to spend and the Zara model that everyone already wears bores me, I’ve decided to sacrifice a pair of my socks to make myself a pair of knit boots… don’t worry, even though this project involves sacrificing a pair of socks, you won’t need to sacrifice a pair of heels. With this DIY, the socks can be put on the shoe and removed from the shoe however you so please, without ever damaging the actual shoe. You can continue to wear the shoe as it is, with or without the sock!

Materials needed:

– 1 pair of pointy heels

– 1 pair of socks. For this DIY, I chose two pairs from the brand “Pas Chassé”. I love the colors of this model, and as you saw in my article yesterday, it works great with red, and it’s always nice to support entrepreneurs behind this brand.

– transparent nail polish

– anti-slip pads

– cotton thread

– 3m of satin ribbon (10mm wide)

– 1 pair of scissors

– 1 needle

Start by making a one-centimeter cut slightly under the seam of the heel of sock. Then use the clear nail polish to varnish the slit so that it does not fray. Slip on the sock over the shoe by sliding the heel into the notch you made previously. Then glue the non-slip pads under the sole of the sock so that the sock is not damaged and you avoid slipping or falling.

At this point the main DIY is finished, but if you want to make a model inspired by Fendi, follow  these next few steps:

With the cotton thread and the needle, create two parallel lines, about 5cm apart. To do this, stitch a first dotted line (1 stitch above, 1 stitch below, 1 stitch above, 1 stitch below, repeat  …). When the line has 7 stitches to it, make a knot with the thread leaving 2 cm of thread. Cut any remaining thread. Reproduce the same thing for the second row. The 14 points above will serve as loops to thread the laces. Thread the satin ribbon through the stitches by crossing like laces in a regular shoe and finish it off with a nice bow.

And there we go, they are “prêt-à-porter”! Are they not?


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