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Patricia Blanchet x Elsa Muse


As you know I really want to develop more creative partnerships, linked to brands with a quirky world, in line with my identity. This is the case with my current adventure with Patricia Blanchet! Pop colours, surprising themes and shapes… this brand possesses a unique style in the fashion world.

More than shoes, it’s FUN. WE ARE HAVING FUN!


We came up with the idea of bonding our worlds to offer a unique experience in a place secret for now to 9 people (3 winners can each bring 2 friends!) and maybe win a pair of shoes. A whole load of surprises to be expected such as a small stop-motion shooting J

To participate it’s very simple and it’s right now!!!

On Facebook or Instagram, follow the instructions, mention some friends and the draw will be on March 8th. Party will be from7:30pm to 10:30pm on Wednesday March 15th.

Winners will get details very quickly and I sincerely hope to see you there. GUARANTEED vibes and surprises!


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