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Les Césars

Last week, Canal + phoned to invite me to the Cérémonie des César. Wooooww! I have to admit; I had a think about it first before saying yes because I asked myself what legitimacy I had attending this event, just like Cannes…

Well, it took me about 30 seconds to make my decision! Seriously, when you’re offered this type of opportunity, you just can’t say no as you never know if it will happen a second time, these are unique and extremely privileged experiences.

It’s also the occasion to wear your nicest evening dress, that doesn’t happen often. I went for a long white Kenzo one, as white as my hair freshly re-bleached.

I spent my Friday night at the Pleyel hall, it was crazy to be seated in a room with so many talented actors. From Belmondo to Clooney, Xavier Dolan to Jean Dujardin…

It was emotional at times, sometimes teary eyed, especially during the ovation to Belmondo but also during Déborah Lukumuena’s speech after winning the best second role in the movie Divine. But most of all, we laughed a lot, you may have seen it on TV, jokes were coming from everywhere!

And that’s not all, for those of you who saw my story on Instagram, I first stopped at the Hôtel de l‘Abbaye for a day full of emotions. Indeed, I was contacted that morning for a quick photo shoot with Isabelle Huppert for her Instagram account. Unbelievable!!!!!! What an experience. There too I wondered about my legitimacy, as I am neither a photographer, nor a cinema specialist… but never mind, I accepted with a knot in my stomach and I tried doing what I do best: stop-motion! In exactly 5 minutes, it wasn’t easy, but I managed to make her pose for my gif.

For the rest of the photos, we were in such a hurry that I left my reflexes as well as my reflex (camera), I only had my iPhone to enhance this 63 year old world renowned actress. 63 … How I would love to have the same figure as she in her green Dior dress when I’m her age!

Monday morning her agent called me to validate the photos on her Instagram account and she likes the GIF. I am delighted but still a bit frustrated. I had so many ideas in mind! I will keep them for Cannes, you never know! 🙂


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