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DIY Shaving cream

The bear !

To end this week full of secrets, I will reveal one last one: I just read somewhere on Internet that there is as much bacteria in a man’s beard as in a toilet bowl…yuk! So to all my hipster friends, it appeared to me that it is in the interest of public health that I show you today a recipe for NATURAL SHAVING CREAM which you can make at home, with your own little hands. And girls, it can be useful for your legs too; it’s a bit of a NO GENDER shaving cream haha.


It’s QUICK and EASY. You need:

-1 spoon of coconut oil bought in an organic store. For all the recipes I suggests, I bought the deodorized coconut oil, which means neutral in taste to avoid a dubious mix of perfumes / 1 soup spoon of shea butter, also bought in an organic store / 2 soup spoons of liquid soap from Castille / 2 soup spoons of sweet almond oil. It’s becoming my favourite oil (vs olive oil which you can also use) because I feel less like mozzarella and tomatoes, but that’s just a question of taste…

You start by very gently melting the coconut oil and the shea butter. When it’s nice and smooth, add the sweet almond oil. Mix again carefully so it becomes homogenous again. Pour it all into a large bowl (because we will make the mixture froth and it will take up space). In the meantime, leave it to cool down; it needs to become a bit hard again. My friend that gave me the recipe puts the bowl in the fridge. I just wait.

When it’s ready, start to beat it, with a whisk or by hand. I do this for a bit less than 5 minutes then add the soap. Then beat it again (that’s where the whisk makes a difference, let’s be honest) until you get nice foam, worthy of grandma’s meringues. I actually put the mixture in a Bonne Maman jar. I use it quickly. It’s possible to conserve it in a cool dry place. Basically, not in the bathroom…

For the shooting with Fabien, I was looking for an English dandy style place to shoot. I chose to go to the Penhaligon’s store on rue Saint-Honoré, and they kindly accepted. I had never heard the brand before and I had my heart set on it when I discovered their poetic, creative and fun world. Their “Portrait” collection is awesome; each fragrance represents a British aristocrat figure, with their genealogy, stories etc… There is even a diary with romance stories… it’s completely off the wall! And their products are chic and different. Once shaven, I recommend every man use the Blenheim Bouquet after-shave balm. It’s the bestseller smell of the brand and inspired by Blenheim Palace garden, and moreover, worn by Churchill. So chic, isn’t it?

And for the fans of hair, who do not want to say goodbye to their beard, wash it! I can just advise you to use the sartorial beard oil of the modern gentleman from the same house.


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