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DIY Men – The Givenchy sweater AH17-18

Photographer : Alix de Beer / Model : Romain Costa and Adan Molinos


I love watching women’s fashion shows and then recreate for a few euros the most fashionable brands… well this week I focused on men’s fashion. With Valentine’s Day, it’s time to think about restyling our dear loved one but also nice gift ideas for our best fashionista friends.

I spotted an idea on the last Givenchy men autumn-winter 2017-2018 show (click here and here) and I can assure you that it’s very simple to reproduce.

I did it on a sweater just like in the fashion show and it’s also doable on a jacket. Did you have a loo at the video? Pretty cool right? Send me your thoughts on the blog or on Instagram!



For now, grab your scissors and no need to panic, it’s simple.


-A hoodie (mine comes from H&M)

-2 Eyelets of 8mm (you can find in a haberdashery or on Amazon, Cdiscount for example)

-A scarf or two jacket pockets

-A hammer

-A pair of scissors

-Needle and thread


Step 1: take out the cord from the sweater’s hoodie

Step 2: Place the two eyelets in both holes of the cord. First place the male part (the top part of the eyelet) inside the hole of the cord, then cover it with the female part (the flat washer). Then use a male tool (a rod provided in every eyelet box), place it on the female part and give it a few hits with the hammer, so as the top part of the male part curbs and blocks the fabric. That’s it, done! (It’s a pretty long and complicated sentence but it’s actually two hits of a hammer!!!).

Step 3: Cut the scarf in two, and insert it in the place of the cord going through the eyelets. I used a pen so it’s easier. You can also do it with a knitting needle.

Step 4: To reinforce it, sew a few stitches to hold the scarf in place.

For the jacket, place the eyelets on the lapels, then make the scarf go around the neck and down under the collar, the scarf needs to come out from both eyelets on each side.

That’s it!

I will suggest a few male DIY from time to time, would you like that?


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