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Power jacket

Photographer : Mary Brown

Last week, Armani beauty invited me to discover their new foundation Power Fabric, a strong and long lasting foundation, which gives such a perfect complexion that you feel more confident with it on, it gives you empowerment. Well, the communication is focused around this message J

During this event, a self-confidence coach was present. She advised me on how to be more charismatic and confident to:

-Speak in front of an audience à your back needs to be nice and straight with your hips centred (not arched, not put forward, not wiggly), shoulders straight but not thrown back and imagine that a string pulls the top of your head. She advises to breath deeply and look far in front of you before starting.

-Speak during an interview, face-to-face à she explained to me that there are 4 dominant postures: the relaxed one (hands behind the head, crossed feet, kind of cool not care a less attitude…), the winner posture (when you show your muscles, clenched fists), chest out and hands on hips (Wonderwoman style). According to her, after 2 minutes in these postures, physiological changes appear in your body: testosterone level increases and cortisone (stress) level goes down. Before a face-to-face meeting, you need to do this exercise to change your state of mind, feel strong and powerful, decompress. Another tip consists of speaking to the person in front of you while looking above his eyes, at his forehead. This enables you not to be intimidated or thrown off by the look. I was doubtful, I felt the interlocutor would notice… but actually not at all, try it with a friend!

I repeat… to be at your best, you need to have a perfect complexion, a good gesture… and concerning your outfit, it’s the JACKET that gives the impression of power, don’t you agree? In any case I have just realised that a week earlier, it is indeed a jacket I chose to wear for my first appearance on TV with Yann Barthes! I didn’t really think about the confidence it would bring, it was more a question of style here, but it did indeed give me a particular poise and credibility. I walked and shoulder rolled in front of the Quotidien cameras in my grey blazer!

Thus, I put up a little selection of jackets further up #TAKETHEPOWER 😉


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