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If you follow me on Instastory, you may have unmasked me haha: I often apply masks. It’s what I like best.

At weekends, when I wake up as dry as Anna Dello Russo, after an evening out drinking, sometimes without even removing my make-up (that, I try a maximum not to do, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself, you know as well as me J), I always apply a hydrating cream mask after a face scrub. It’s my saving grace. But the more the years go by, the less I wake up in good shape. Puffy eyes, blurred complexion, crumpled skin and wrinkles around my eyes (oh yes, even in the morning time now), all of that… I do masks more and more in the mornings for the instant benefits and freshen up my face again just like a 10 hour sleep.

I’ve got masks for about everything, which means every area (hair, face, hands, feet, neck…) but also for every need (purifying, hydrating, radiance, anti-age…). My only problem is trying to use them all. My solution is hydrating on Sundays, then purifying the next day and the anti-age another day. But my boyfriend prefers to apply them all on one night, each one after the other. However, I have a friend who prefers applying a purifying one on her chin, anti-age on her forehead and hydrating on her cheeks… she basically applies a custom-made mask in one go.

What do you think is the most efficient way to do it? Do you often apply masks too or am I a specific case?

Anyway, creamy textures are my favourite, easily absorbed and I just need to wipe away the surplus. I also like the patch masks because they force me to me poser but the problem with this one is the waste… I don’t like the gel as much or textures that stick or those that dry like clay and that you need to rinse, but luckily, there are many other crazy galenics from Asia that bring a fun aspect to the cocooning one just like the one in the wish list below.

And when I don’t have any products available, I make up my masks myself with stuff I have in my kitchen. I will let you know about that soon!


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