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Photographer Sarah Balhadere

This week, no focus on a particular item, but instead on these young designers: Eliran Nargassi and David Catalan. I discovered them on Monday during the “must-see” fashion show: Who’s Next. Both are part of The Future of Fashion, a contest organized by the show that puts forward young talented designers.

The special feature about these two brands is that they are masculine brands! Who cares, I find it fun to choose from menswear from time to time. If you don’t yet undertake the boyish/genderless aspect of it, you just need to ad that feminine touch with some earrings and VOILÀ, you just look amazing with your suit. Here we have earrings from the new collection of my talented friend Camille, who created Helmut Paris.


By the way I think my next folly will be for a menswear brand, Ami. You can see, on every one of his shows (here or here for example) one or two girls parading, and that inspires me hugely. Don’t forget to dare 😉


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