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Let’s dare

2017 and BOOM ! I am a L’Oréal Paris ambassador for its new line of coloration COLORISTA.

It’s a line with washed-out pastel colours created from social listening, which means inspired from what’s popular on Instagram and from analysis of discussions and # on social networks. Packs are clearly inspired from the Pinterest world and it’s not models on the packs or during the communication campaign, but influences from all over the world.

So now in stores, you can look for the #aquahair Elsa Muse colour, or the #purplehair colour by Marycake. It completely downplays hair colouring making it cooler and more accessible.

To make it even more accessible, they created 3 lasting levels. First of all the sprays that last for only one hair wash, then there are the wash-outs, which last for 2 to 6 washes depending on the colour, and to finish, the permanent colours.

I am proud to be part of this project because the campaign message #doityourway puts forward the idea of bringing out your individuality, leave the common paths of beauty standards, to provoke with your differences… “be a perfect imperfection, let’s dare” “They say you’re eccentric, we think you’re electric”… looking at this video we now realise that L’Oréal made a right turn by going from old ads with brand ambassadors like blonds that would be inaccessible to old-school beauty standards, to much more millennial ads with our idea of beauty. In fact I am not happy with them for not picking me to play in it, I would have loved to kiss Neels Visser or even Sarah Ray haha! Indeed, you can see two girls kissing in the ad, that’s a good thing, we are more and more open minded.

Ahhh, knowing that my first marketing internship was in the colouring department in L’Oréal… I have gone the full circle 🙂


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