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Freeze the nipple

You’ve noticed how much time I spend naked on my blog, showing off my chest and bum haha… (even though on Instagram I get censored each time) well I take care of my work tools and fight against the cellulite. We like orange in detox juices but not on the bum. So I tested many many things against cushioning. Creams of course, but also some tools like anti-cellulite suction pads, the cellu-cup. Ssssslllluurrrrrp! I used it for a whole month nearly every day before going on summer vacation, and there was some improvement in my thigh circumference and knees. However, it hurts a hell of a lot and is time consuming.

Thursday I found a new ally, cold temperatures! I have to say, it’s perfect timing because this week there will be record-breaking negative temperatures. However wandering around with your legs exposed when it’s -10° in the streets of Paris to activate your circulation, is not for me, and there is a more practical way than putting your bum in the freezer, even though I am creative. Luckily, I met Steve the sports coach of a good friend. This man with a body in great shape opened a place called PÔLE in the 1st District and convinced me  (honestly, and without paying me!! Yes it does happen sometimes :p). His concept: cryotherapy. Cold temperatures, stabilized between -10 and -6 degrees will destroy the fat cells (if you want to show off during a dinner, it’s called apoptosis). He told me you then need 15 days for the body to evacuate naturally all the bad stuff in your cells, I will keep you up to date!! Of course it’s also good to drain because the cold boosts the blood circulation.

Finally, I tried one last crazy thing: the cryo on the entire body! And that’s FreeZE the nipple. I got undressed once again; entered a sort of large cabin and Steve lowered the temperature to -190 degrees. Aaahhhhh! While I went around in circles for 3 minutes, he explained to me that the cold temperatures reinforce and reenergise my body as well as my spirit. Pretty good for 2017. Generally, endorphins (you know, those small happiness hormones) are released, stress is pushed away, tensions are calmed down and toxins forgotten. It’s what we call a SPIRIT DETOX. When I came out, I was Zen and ready to go to bed…

I recommend it.  And if you say Elsa Muse when you call them, Steve promised to take good care of you and your credit card. So don’t hesitate.

And if you are not sure about this, go back to the start of the DETOX week: drink juices!! 😉



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