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Fashion Detox

Photographer : Samuel Bonnet / Style : Magali Forey

A few days ago I gave you the recipe of a detox juice, Friday will be a recipe for a radiant facemask… For beauty, detox is easy; so I asked myself how to approach the subject in Fashion. At first I thought about making a wishlist “back to basics” with jeans, converse and woolly jumper. I then changed my mind, thinking a sporty look would be way more consistent with the theme, or maybe a kind of dressing detox? I finally came across a few photos from a shooting in Greece this summer. I thought about how I felt at that exact moment… freedom and healthy, back to nature? What if the real fashion detox consisted in actually not wearing anything? In any case, after these few days naked from waist up in the pampas like a little Mowgli, I was delighted again dressing every morning once I got back to Paris.

Lacking of pampas in Paris, I advise you to spend a weekend dressed as lightly as possible in your apartment, it may work for you too, who knows after all haha?! And also, grab the opportunity to drink the detox juices I was talking about on Monday, and at the same time, do the DIY facemask which I will tell you about on Friday while you’re at it… <3 Don’t forget to #freethenipple


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