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Last Friday, I was on television for the first time, and not in just any show, it was Yann Barthes’ Quotidien, if you please. I looked relaxed on screen; answering questions live in front of millions of viewers. But if only you knew what was going on inside my head the whole day! So much stress, real stress. The sort that rips your stomach and throat a part, stops you from eating, from concentrating and creates blotches on your cleavage.

Television… it’s so impressive, so difficult to grasp… what was I thinking!!!! It all started on Thursday evening, so just the day before. I got a call asking me to take part in the show. I said yes immediately, flattered that they thought of me to speak about the work of a blogger. And a few minutes later, I called back to say no (I am a Libra, with ascendancy Libra too, it is important to know this as it explains quite a lot of stuff). During those few minutes, I realised I wasn’t “media trained” at all, and there is a real art to answering questions in a spontaneous way without saying stupid stuff and yet being perfectly clear, striking and consistent. I must say it’s something on which I feel I need to work. Also, knowing a bit about Yann Barthes’ tone, I knew he would tease us a bit, and that the outcome would not be in my favour at all. And, above all, I was extremely scared.

Finally, as I am Libra and I slept on it, I called them back next morning to say ok. After all, it was the perfect occasion to come and speak about my work, show our professionalism and break all clichés regarding bloggers. I took it as a challenge to progress. I decided to face my fears so as to grow. Better to have remorse than regrets, don’t you think?

I’ll leave you with the video so you see how it went, but basically, the initial idea of changing people’s minds on the work of bloggers’ failed. Yes it did! From the very start, the tone was a tiny bit patronising (you just need to see the title of the video on their replay “Bloggers under influence” or some comments like “Kenza, your tutorials are silly”…). Some questions were tricky and we fell for them! I have to say; it wasn’t easy for the three of us to answer Yann’s questions while getting across a clear message, when each of us had a different message.  We ended up by interrupting one another, or speaking at the same time, contradicting ourselves…

In the end, what’s to remember of our tv appearance:

-“I, I and I” (indeed we didn’t really have any choice other than to start our sentences like that as there were 3 of us and each one has a different blog, with different ways of working and different desires. There is no job description for our work. Less than 10 years ago, it didn’t exist, and we invent it everyday as we work on it).

-We are influenced by brands because everything we write for you is sponsored… (As we tried to explain, readers are not credulous fools. Indeed our clients are brands, and what matters is to work with those with whom we have a consistent story to tell and we share something in common.)

-Our work consists of making lots of money by posting photos of presents while sitting on our couch (haha!! If only it was that easy…)

-That in addition, we steal journalists’ jobs (In reality, what works here, is that the piece of  clothing, the accessory or the cosmetic is represented. The reader can easily identify and imagine himself with the product rather than simply going through a magazine. However, we will always need magazines to create dreams!)

In the end, I don’t regret it, it was a good experience that makes me want to do more television to try and explain to a maximum amount of people what this new job consists of; this job which constantly evolves, enables me to reinvent myself every day, cultivate my creativity while remaining humble. And it enabled me to spot the flaws I must improve on while on tv, my elocution for example. Articulate more to avoid misunderstandings sometimes closely linked to a slip of the tongue like “Je travaille pour des macs”  (meaning “I work for pimps” “instead of “I work for men”) hahaha!

It’s always good to take a step back and I will say it again: I want to give more depth to the blog this year. More than sharing things to create (DIY, looks…), I would like to help you and accompany you to achieve your aim. The big change for 2017 for my blog will be… drum roll… podcasts!!!!

They will be small audio contents on subjects and questions we all ask ourselves, to be listened to over and over again while working, doing sports, in the car, or in bed to go to sleep… yes indeed it might be a bit soporific at first J Here again I’m learning, as speaking in a dynamic way for 30 minutes is harder than you think. But once again, the thing is to dare and go for it, learn while walking and get back up if you fall, don’t you agree?


Thank you to the Quotidien team for their welcome and kindness, especially Jonathan. Don’t hesitate to have a look at Adenorah’s and Kenza’s blogs who were with me opposite Yann.


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