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Photographer : Elodie Daguin / @elodiedaguin

MUA : Willie Grosset / @willie_grosset

Animations and illustrations : Elsa Muse

When I saw the Kenzo World, ad for the first time, it was during the launch party in the Rothschild Salomon Hotel. Wow I remember being amazed, and feeling a huge wave of enthusiasm. I told myself: finally a perfume movie which breaks the codes, finally a perfume movie which is different, where perfume is just a perfume and not an instrument to seduce or become a princess.

What I understood of the ad is that Kenzo World is a perfume, which, just like a drug, makes us feel uninhibited, and liberates our true personality. It is self-revealing, which emancipates seemliness. I just spray some on me, and there we go, I am truly myself!

Well that’s exactly the fragrance I need for 2017, because this year I made the resolution of being above all, myself.


First of all I want to have fun, in my work as well as in my personal life. I am a big child and want to make the most of life. At work, towards the end of the year, I exhausted myself producing content. Making stop-motions became a constraint just like finding ideas. There is no way that I will let the job I create and invent daily becomes a burden. In 2017 I will find help and stop being overworked, so as my everyday life stays fun. Allow more time for my friends and save energy to cook, go out, eat drink and party. And also take the time to do the stuff I enjoy. In September, I joined a drawing and sculpture class and I realised I only attended 4 classes in 4 months… Never have the time, always have my head in my work. Why did I leave my full-time job? To be more free and happy? Humhum…

Secondly, I will assume my personality and my wishes. Short hair, no make-up or too much make-up, boyish or sexy, I will stop thinking about what others will think, and especially what men will think of me. I want to appeal to myself first, feel good about myself and stay faithful to my wishes.  I actually want to go further concerning some subjects, I will tell you about it soon.

To finish, I want to be more free more spontaneous and give myself less grief. For example on Instagram, I’m done with the artistic triptych… I would like to do pretty things but no need to corner myself too much. Too many constraints lead to frustration. I will get back to something more spontaneous, more lifestyle.

The same thing goes for this blog. Last year I wanted to make it evolve, I wanted something beautiful, something arty, and something different that carries my colours and transposes my world. It has become all of that; I love it. However I’m checking it out and I believe it has become a bit too cold, a bit too much of a “brand website” or of a specialised magazine. Several people told me they got lost going through it and that it’s hard to follow me.  Is it also your perception? I want to get back to a more spontaneous blog and be nearer to you this year.



Creativity, spontaneity, audacity, fulfilment… this is my spirit for 2017. What about you, have you thought about what you would like to change?



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