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A cheeky & sparkling New Year’s Eve!

D-6 before the 31st, no need to panic, I will help you out everyday to organise an unforgettable party with your friends and celebrate with dignity this transition into 2017. Last November I celebrated my 30th birthday and you may have seen on my Instagram account, we chose THE PALACE YEARS as the theme. The year before, I organised my party around the STUDIO 54 theme. It was a great success each time because the theme was truly inspiring: briefly…. the end of the 70’s, the disco phase with its dancing from freak to hustle, the start of hip-hop and break-dance… and above all its crazy unlikely nights where nearly everything was allowed, in a very relaxed atmosphere. So welcome back this week, to the well-known PALACE YEARS!

The Palace is a famous Parisian nightclub, a symbol of the early 80’s and of amazing parties, where you could see many celebrities. Much more than a simple nightclub, it brought together in one unique place the joy of dancing, unlikely encounters, life enjoyment, fun and a whole lot of pleasure. By the by it’s at the PALACE that the VILLAGE PEOPLE sang for the very first time in France their well-known song “Y.M.C.A”. Basically, it was chic, flashy, extravagant, sexy, retro, disco…

The same thing for the STUDIO 54 but in New York this time. Everyone fought to get in! Drugs circulated freely, uninhibited sex, extravagant dancing and many encounters… people let their hair down and seemed so free! It appears that at that time no one judged anyone, and frivolity was king. I would give anything just to be teleported into one of these evenings, and live the Palace or Studio 54 experience just once, a total party, with no rules…

Anyway, it’s impossible to find that hedonist ambiance again in the Parisian clubs nowadays, which I greatly regret. Except maybe a few years ago during the Club Sandwich parties. During each of these parties, held in the Espace Pierre Cardin, there was a theme. I found myself preparing a costume a month before in order to participate. The clientele (mostly gay) was dressed up in an extravagant and often very sexy way. Girls danced topless, travesties sang, the atmosphere was extremely festive.  Now these parties still exist but they take pace in the Yoyo and the spirit has changed hugely. If you want to find some extravagance, I suggest you go to Madame Klaude parties or the famous Tango, the chilling nightclub (I often come across Jacquemus or Olivier Rousteing there)!

So the idea here is to bring this atmosphere back to your parties and feel like you are Steve Rubel (owner of Studio 54) or Fabrice Emaer (The Palace) for one night. Get ready to groove!

For my last two birthdays, I started by creating an event on Facebook, to which I added pictures every day to give ideas to the people invited and immerse them in the atmosphere. I recovered a few pictures here and found the majority of them there. In addition to the pictures, I told them anecdotes (for example I told them about Edwige Selfort, the Palace’s physio who looks a lot like me, the story of the pop icon Edie Sedgwick, who also has short hair, or even how Grace Jones inaugurated the Palace singing La vie en rose).

Start with this today and tomorrow we’ll talk about outfits 😉


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