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Bloggers reinvent their job!

When I’m asked about my work, it’s hard to find the right words. If I say that I am a blogger, I feel the person I am speaking to understands “I am frivolous”, “I am taking it easy”, “I do all and nothing at once”, “I am a freeloader haha!” “I am a diva”… crazy right? This word has a light and negative connotation (at least in France), when in fact it’s something huge. Haha! Actually, it is hard to the find words to describe my job, due to the fact that it concerns 1000 things, even sometimes in creation or artistic direction.

I am not the only one, far from it: there are around me several extremely talented girls taking care of their blog, business, image… rowing their own boat, in a very smart way. They are head of a company, have an influence over hundreds of thousands of people through social medias, and have managed to create their own world, easily recognizable and identifiable.

Anne-Laure is one of them, aka Adenorah, who has just launched her collection with Jonak. An elegant collection in her image, imagined with great taste. The shooting was magnificent and the launch party was organised at Christie’s, so chic. She thought of everything, from start to finish, and you can see that.

There is also Lisa from Makemylemonade, who after launching her own brand Wear Lemonade, has just launched a collection with Princess TamTam. There again everything is also in perfect harmony with her wonderful world and managed to the last detail.

I have many other examples, like Aurelia from Absolutely Glamourous who has just launched a collection with the jewellery designer Mathilde Muse, or even with the Socialite Family and La Redoute. Constance has signed with the brand a series of decorative articles I am dying to buy for my new apartment. My favourites: the applique Twin for my living room and the lampadaire pied-marbre Marble. Please Santa, if you hear me…

If you want to know more about the incredible journey and the experience of one of the French blogs pioneer, I suggest you read the livre de Betty from the Blog de Betty. A book that has already sold tens of thousands of copies!!!

In the end all those girls don’t just talk about trend, they actually ARE the trend, and create their own styles. Fashion, design, jewellery… well I shine bright in appetizers! Not because I am an alcoholic, even though I consider myself hedonist, but because it’s about a DIY bottle and also the fact that at Suze and Elsa Muse, we like puns!!


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