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Autumn Lights

Photographer : Solène Ballesta / Stylism : Shanshan Ruan  / Make-up : Eden Tonda

It’s not only on Suze bottles that you can draw; it can also be done on material! Indeed, Shanshan Ruan creates her collections by painting on organza and cotton.

Thanks to a fluid style, unique items, each one hand painted like a watercolour, that she charmed the very demanding judges at the Festival International de Mode et de Photographie de Hyères 3 years ago.

Her philosophy: The meeting of colour and matter always produces unexpected shapes; pieces of clothing of which you cannot control the outcome when you start working on them. An elusive idea of letting go, lightness of being… I loved this fluidity as autumn was already here.

I am delighted to show and share with you these looks she accomplished. It’s thanks to the photograph Solène Ballesta, who shot this amazing series, that I discovered her. A nice October afternoon, we all met up at the entrance of the Serres d’Auteuil. Eden did my make up on the bench, her assistant Quentin was unpacking, then dressed me and delicately put away each item in its cover. In order for me to change quickly and above all not to get cold, I matched these creations with warm clothes made of cashmere to wear underneath. The result is original, comfortable and very feminine! What do you think?

Now you can find all her collections on ww.shanshanruan.com or follow her on Instagram @shanshan_ruan. Sometimes she shares pictures of her workshop, her paintings, and it’s incredibly inspiring. It makes me want to try painting on organza, wha about you? If I manage to make something pretty, I could even prepare a small DIY, who knows!

I also invite you to discover Solène’s work; she also paints her way with photos. It’s crazy how you can sense the delicacy and the feminine touch of Shanshan’s creations in her pictures.

And if painting bottles or clothes is not enough for you, it’s possible to paint your face, ahah!


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