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When Soviet’ becomes cool!

Photographer : Anna Rakhvalova / Clothes : Yulia Yefimtchuk

During the last Paris fashion-week, I discovered and met the Ukrainian designer Yulia Yefimtchuk.

Anna told me about her, she has been keeping an eye on Yulia’s work ever since she won the Opening Ceremony award at the Hyères 2014 festival.

I fell in love with her brand, her post-soviet aestheticism sweater collections with Cyrillic catchwords. Worn with very short hair, these clothes give an underground look very trendy at the moment that I love. The only things missing are the hoops I wore on ear cartilage to perfect the look.

The fabrics and cuts are comfortable, and almost unisex for some items. I constantly wear the light white hoodie, my favourite article.

Other Eastern brands, also sharing this neo-soviet aestheticism and grunge, are very successful at the moment, especially the men’s designer Gosha Rubchinskiy whom everyone talks about (with the brand bearing his name and Paccbet). Recently on Instagram, I also came across the Walk of Shame Moscow brand created by Andrey Artyomov. My friends JS and Alice from Jaimetoutcheztoi wear them from time to time.

Have you heard about the Russian constructivism? It’s an artistic movement that really inspires these young designers. If you’re interested in this, I advise you to pop by the Centre George Pompidou. There is currently “KOLLEKTSIA!”, an exhibition on contemporary Russian art and you’ll be able to see works of art by the famous artist Malevich (crosses on clothes, for example, are directly linked to him).


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