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Armani BOX

Photographers : Paul Blind and David Arraez

Have you ever run around the stores to find a particular lipstick, obviously out of stock, that you really wanted to wear for a night out? Well it happened to me! This particular lipstick is the Lip Maestro N°400 by Armani Beauty. Why? Because its colour and texture gives me amazing lips, it is long lasting, and enhances me, well that’s the impression I get. Since it was commercialised, other brands have released lipsticks with a similar texture but nevertheless, I have stayed loyal to this product, particularly for its iconic colour.

Anyway, this is to say that Armani Beauty, confidential brand and very popular amongst the beauty addicts, has finally opened a temporary store with all its references, so cool!

You can find it at 11 rue Debelleyme in the Marais area, and it’s open until December 31st.


I had the chance to discover it during the opening evening and what struck me, is the “digitalism” of the place. Everything is designed in a fun way to create nice content: first of all, the lighting makes everything unbelievably beautiful, it is just incredible! Also, while the face designers take care of your make up and advise you (it’s free, go for it), you are filmed and receive the tutorial video by email, ready to be shared. It’s great to see it again to imitate the make-up artist’s movement on your face and not forget the small tips. My video above (it’s long because we got interrupted quite a few times, you’ll see!)

There is also a very funny gif machine for sharing photos on Instagram, and tools to see the outcome of the make-up virtually. Another experience, non-digital but outstanding: you can carve initials on the products for free and buy exclusive Armani accessories specially dedicated to the place.

I enjoyed the experience and the place so much that I will invite a few of you guys for a private party! Champagne, make-up advice from pros, discover new features like the Lip Magnet, tutorial and gif workshops, presents… are you interested?  Keep a close eye on your emails and social networks; I intend to invite my most loyal readers 🙂

See you soon!


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