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Photographer : Alix de Beer

Last week was the Paris fashion week. Nothing that shatters my daily routine to be honest, except for more parties in my diairy! Indeed, I don’t go to every fashion show. Either I’m not invited (most of the time haha!), or they are brands I don’t wear, therefore there isn’t much point in going (ok I have to admit that if Chanel invited me, I would go running to it).

But this season, I was lucky to get invited to the shows of two brands I really like a lot, two brands that inspire me due to their creative world, in which I recognised myself, and where I spend fortunes every year: Carven and Kenzo! If I had the opportunity to choose three other shows, I would go to Jacquemus, Courrèges and Wanda Nylon, that’s all. Maybe next year, who knows!

Just before the Carven show, I met up my friend Alix for a coffee in Empreinte, a wonderful place that recently opened in the 3rd district, rue Picardie. It’s an artistic based concept store, where one can buy decorations and fine handmade tableware created in French artisanal workshops. Typically the kind of objects you start looking at once you’re around 30 years old, along with paintings, nice pieces of furniture*… (I haven’t told you, I take sculpture classes since the beginning of September, they are great!).

I couldn’t resist the temptation of wearing Carven from head to toe going to the show, I have to say it was the perfect opportunity to do so, don’t you think?!

*just to let you know… it’s my birthday soon 😉


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