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Short Short hair

Ruth Bell was the first person to strike me. It was in the photos for an YSL campaign, posted on a newspaper booth next to the metro Villiers’s exit. She had shaved hair and a bit of a punk look, and that had as a result to emphasise even more her angel face and her thin features. There are many models who have very short hair; I now follow a few on Instagram, having seen them tagged on a campaign or a cover-magazine. They are my beauty muses. They gave me the desire to cute even shorter, and move away from the standards. There is Mia Rae (USA), Kris Gottschalk (Germany) …

Cajsa Wessberg (Sweden), Tamy Glauser (France), Braina Laviena (Puerto Rico), Dominique Babineaux (USA),  Adwoa Aboah (UK)…

It’s a less conventional beauty; I have to agree with you. It’s also the kind of beauty that doesn’t have as much success with the boys as the bimbo look I had before. However, it’s with this look that I feel prettier than ever, more confident, and I feel better about myself. By no longer wanting to seduce at all costs through trying to look like the masculine fantasy, I learned to listen to my own desires and I adopted the look that fits my personality best and who I am. In a way, I found my own identity!

I also feel that this very short cut enables me to assert myself and assume even more my femininity and my “sexiness”. I dare to wear short alluring dresses more easily, or see-through tops that expose my chest. As I have short hair, it makes up for it and I tell myself it’s not “too much”…

Here are others whom I haven’t shown the portraits like Stasia Smerechevska (Ukraine), Grace Bol (Sudan), Julia Cumming

Skin, eyes, eyelashes, lips, smile… everything is emphasised without hair and that’s what strikes me in the photos 🙂 And you, who are your beauty muses?


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