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Essie Gel Couture’s show

Stop-motions : Elsa Muse

Gel couture

 The nail polish brand Essie has just launched a new line of gel nail polish that lasts 12 days: Essie gel couture line! There are 33 colours and a top coat. It’s the top coat that makes the nails very shiny and gives a gel hold but without a UV lamp! With a perfect glossy and smooth effect, and no problem taking it off, these nail polishes have all the benefits of a semi-permanent manicure without the downsides.

This whole line is inspired by the haute couture world, from the names of the colours ‘”sit me in the front row” “rock the runway”) to the bottle design inspired by the movement of a dress. Even the paintbrush’s outline with the twisted stem is specific, to ensure the couture luxury spirit all the way!



The Essie gel couture show by Elsa Muse

When the brand approached me to ask me to create items in link with the line’s spirit, I was particularly inspired and had great fun! With the bright colours of the Fashion Show collection, I imagined what a fashion show would look like in the amazing world of Essie.

On this imaginary planet, hands would be fashionistas ready to fight to obtain an invitation to the most popular show of the fashion week: the Essie gel couture show.

During the show, dresses (depicted by the nail polish bottles) would parade before the it-girls in the front row already wearing the newest items of the brand before everyone else (some nice manicures). Backstage, every model would gather around the Top Coat creator, depicted by the paint brush, so as he could change their outfits (the colours) in between two parades on the catwalk.

I hope you like my little story! You can find them on essie.fr and also enter a contest (from July 4th to August 16th) to win a couture dress designed by Lorafolk and follow the steps of its making, with her.

The line is sold exclusively at Sephora and you can get it here:


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