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Colored Eyebrows

Illustrations : Maison Tsay

Haha, another thing boys are going to hate: coloured eyebrows! Ah yes, colouring your eyebrows in red, blue or even rainbow style (type #rainbowbrows on Instagram) is very trendy!

We saw it at fashion shows and in magazine editorials; I now see some colourful eyebrows in the street or at parties.

As far as I am concerned, I hate eye shadow, so I adore this new alternative. I find it hard to wear in the daytime, however it’s the opposite for going out at night time, it’s fun and at the same time arty.

A few brands have started to present some products to meet this new demand.

I tried the red from the new Giorgio Armani blushes. I went for the red eyebrow as an alternative to the classical red lips that I nearly always put on when I wear a suit. The look here is very natural with a pretty complexion, it is the eyebrows which bring that little extra touch and round off the look, being the unique colour of the silhouette. Blush is applied with a brush: you rub it in the matter then brush the eyebrow. I use this technique every day with a brown colour to intensify them; I find it more “natural”.

For a more festive as well as sophisticated look, I had fun with the aqua XL pencil from Make-Up Forever.  Complexion treated, red lips, mascara and sequin eyebrows, I did it all! You can work on the eyebrows with a pencil; it’s more precise, and for even more of an outline, you can use a concealer on the rim, as you would do for your lips. To finish up, you put sequins on with a brush… or not.

What is your favorite eyebrows look? Are you willing to try and dare the latest trend?


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