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Petit Bateau

photograph : Anna Rakhvalova

An achievement It’s alive!!!

The new version of my blog which I’ve been working on for so long, is finally online! Phew, it was no easy task! And I have to admit that I’m glad that April is now over, although it’s been a spectacular month. It was indeed full of stress and emotions, with the unveiling of the new identity on social media, the launch of my collabs with Helmut Paris, Louis Antoinette and Carel Paris, the organization of the #mumuseparty to celebrate all of those things, and the Pop-up store I had for 2 weeks (171 rue Saint-Honoré. Publishing the new blog online is for me the achievement of all this work.

I did all this because I wanted you to enjoy reading me even more (it is way nicer with this new layout, isn’t it?), but also to promote the beautiful creative collaborations I have with some brands.


Creating content for Petit Bateau to present their collaboration with Macon Lesquoy is the perfect example! I had a lot of fun staging their 3 cute patches and I am happy to be able to post and show them to you on a beautiful blog showcasing my work.


La Wishlist




Petit Bateau

red top


Petit Bateau

t-shirt marin



Flared cropped trouser



Large trouser



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