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Video : Nastasia Dusapin, animations : Elsa Muse

I couldn’t wait to share with you this collaboration with the talented Nastasia Dusapin around the new lipsticks Infaillible Matt Max by L’Oréal Paris!

I’ve been following Nastasia on Instagram for about a year now. I found her account looking for benchs to brief my hairdresser on my colour and hairstyle. I came across photos of Nastasia while I was looking at the Instagram account of the model Mia Rae. I loved her work.

Then a month ago, I received an email offering me to work with her on a project concerning the launch of a lipstick. A shared collaboration with several creative girls and for which we have carte blanche. A dream!

Nastasia Dusapin, Claire Laffut, Moon Cube, Sananas… a good team of talented and inspiring girls!

Having met up for a coffee in Progès, rue de Bretagne, we got together for a day in the studio for each of us to work on our subject.

Nastasia and I decided to make a video combining her kaleidoscope world with my stop-motion animations. I hope you’ll enjoy the end result!

The Infaillible Matte Max by L’Oréal Paris lipsticks have the particularity of giving a powdery texture, never seen before! The outcome is a nice mat effect and above all, the texture enables to make shades on the lips by using different colours, like an eye shadow. There are 5 colours, which allow many different shades of coulour.

I wear a lot of red lipstick, but this time I prefer the virgin pink, the one I’m wearing at the end of the video. What about you?

Small tip: fun application, soft lips and velvet finish that lasts… this new line has many qualities. However, make sure you exfoliate and hydrate your lips well the day before you apply it, because on dry lips, powdery texture is an issue 😉

You can also free your creativity and post your shady looks (shady lips, tie & dye hair, shady t-shirt…) with the hashtags #lipart #mattemax @lorealmakeup on Instagram. The three best photos will win a complete line of Matte Max L’Oréal Paris products!

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