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Carte Blanche #1

Photographer Vanni Bassetti, DA  Maison Tsay, set-designer Luisa Girola, make-up Lamia Bernad

Here we are, the colours are finally here… and I’m proud to introduce you today the first part of the new Elsa Muse !

From a simple hobby to a small creative factory


Some of you have been following me since the very beginning, four years ago when I just spent a few hours a week on my blog. Then these few hours turned into my daily work and it is the best thing that has happened to me ! Throughout the years and my various creations, my world started to get into shape : what was just a hobby turned to be a small creative factory. A factory from which come out every day stop motion videos, DIYs, beautiful photoshoots and cinemagraphs. For each format I put the same energy : I want them to be creative, playful and fun !

More than just a blog
My blog was beginning to be a bit “small” for my creative universe. I wanted something new, something different, much more fresh and creative. I wanted the Elsa Muse website to be more like me and I wanted it to appeal even more to you. So I met up with Maison Tsay. Together we pictured out the new Elsa Muse. This resulted in a new editorial direction, new contents, a new English version, a creative studio, new collaborations. Stay tuned, many new things are coming up.

Carte Blanche #1
The first step of this new change is the Carte Blanche parts. Every day, I get to meet talented people that are both inspiring and inspired. I have always wanted to turn these encounters into images. That is the reason why I decided to give every month a Carte Blanche to some talented people I truly like and create with them creative, playful and fun contents.

Here is the first exclusive Carte Blanche. Created by Maison Tsay, the photographer Vanni Bassetti and the set designer Luisa Girola, and shooted at Shapes Studio in Paris, it shows and gives life to my new visual identity. To be the muse, to muse and amuse… here are the key words that drove me in the past and will keep on driving me in the future.


Pic 1 : ROCHAS White dress / Pic 2 : COS blazer / Pic 3 : Body American Apparel&OTHER STORIES blue trousser – MARNI Shoes / Pic 4 : COS blazer et COS trouser – CAREL yellow shoes / Pic 5 : COS blazer / Pic 6 : ROCHAS dress – CAREL x ETINENNE DEROEUX shoes  / Pics 7&8 : COURREGES vintage trench / Pic 9 : EACHxOTHER blazer et EACHxOTHER large pant / Pic 10 : TARA JARMON white blazer – TARA JARMON white trouser / Pic 11 : ROCHAS  dress

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