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Cannes 2016

Illustrations : Maison Tsay, Photographer Alix De Beer

This year I wanted to show you something different, something that goes a bit further than lifestyle photos, to talk about my experience with the L’Oréal Paris family in Cannes. While brainstorming with my Maison Tsay colleagues, we had the idea of a comic done the Lichtenstein way, with a fun and original style and a strong creative aspect. Here it is!


12:30: I meet up with my bunch of friends from last year’s edition, particularly Julianne, Naomi and Doutzen on the terrace of the Hotel Martinez.

1:00 pm: Yann Joffredo, vice-president of L’Oréal Paris, waits for us us to present the new features during a Masterclass. I was taken by the new eyebrows product, the Brow Artist Maker. “We are looking for density” said Yann speaking about the current eyebrow trend. That’s a good thing for me, isn’t it!?

3:00 pm: After a late lunch on the sunny rooftop, I slip into the room to dress and wait for the hairdresser and the make-up artist due at 4:00 pm. Some new features could be found in my bathroom, notably purifying and illuminating masks (finally L’Oréal Paris masks!!!), enough to keep me busy.

5:30 pm: the phone rings, “Elsa you should already be at the cocktail reception by the pool, we’re waiting or you!!” Oups… I put on my crumpled dress, try to iron it on me… this is completely stupid, a complete disaster!

6:30 pm: With my make-up on, hair done and wearing my beautiful Swarovski x Jean-Paul Gaultier jewelery, I finally tread on the red carpet in my Marni dress from the Pre-Fall 2016 season. However the photographers only have eyes for Leïa and Blake, I don’t understand, must be the green that clashes a bit with the red carpet… photogenic issue

10:00 pm: After Laurent Laffite’s speech and the Coffee society movie by Woodie Allen, we dine with la crème de la crème of cinema at the Palais des Festivals. To my left, the new executive director of L’Oréal Paris… it’s not the time to drink too much champagne. I don’t make a big fuss, as I will be able to catch up during the next few days in the Villa Schwepps with other friends.

00:00: What a day, a proper fairy tale that makes your head spin. I am in bed with a clear head but a large drunken smile, CHEESE !


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