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Some of you recognised Estelle and me in a music video playing regularly all over the music channels and Youtube: The Vanille one!

I immediately took to the personality of this singer and musician who is a young Parisian in her 30’s but without the posh side! Besides, I realised she could easily have been one of my friends because since the filming, we find ourselves going to the same places and having common friends. Vanille is a spontaneous artist, fresh, free, of great beauty and moreover, of great simplicity in whom we like to recognise ourselves.

The video clip was filmed in a creperie in the sweet town of Locquirec, in Normandy. I loved the aesthetics of the chosen place, which transported me back into the world of Twin Peaks or even Fargo with is coloured spirit, vintage, mountainous and a bit of a strange aspect. Whether it’s through decors or design (boys are made up like girls), it can be said that the director Gaetan Chataigner managed an audacious mix of gender.

During the filming, the atmosphere was warm and friendly. We arrived the day before, and we then spent a whole day recording all the film. Vanille sang her song at least fifty times, and now I know the lyrics perfectly!

“I no longer watch romantic soapies, I give myself up to erotic masterpieces, I no longer envy girls in magazines, I already see myself with my nose in their chest”

This song, written and composed by Vanille, is called “moi-garcon”. The first time that Anthony, the social manager of Maison Barclay, had me listen to it, her voice reminded me of Brigitte Bardot or France Gall’s, a little sixties tone that I like a lot and a catchy rythm. However the content is current, and I have to admit the lyrics got me, me who wears short hair in a boyish way haha!

Keep this spicy name in mind and quickly show it to those close to you because I was lucky to be able to listen to a few others of her songs and I can say that “moi-garcon” will be the first hit of a long list!


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