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Mai & Me

In the end of December, Mai from the amazing blog MaiHua (formerly Superbytimai) dropped by my apartment to shoot my beauty routine. If you don’t know her work, don’t wait another second and check it out! She has an incredible way of filming and capturing emotions. I actually found myself moved to tears by her videos several times – they’re so beautiful! In addition to her blog, she’s also a Color Designer. She works with the greatest cosmetic brands to define the color of their packagings, for instance. I’m so happy and proud to be featured on my favorite beauty blog!

I was going to show Mai my skincare routine only, and then, one thing leading to the other, I realize I kinda laid it on with a trowel haha! I always thought I didn’t use a lot of makeup, but after watching the video, I feel I might have been totally wrong! However, even if I do use a lot of different products following several steps to try and look my best, it’s essential for me not to look sophisticated. What about you, what’s your beauty routine? What’s the product you never use? (eyeshadow, for instance… whenever I’m wearing some, I feel it’s too much).


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