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Eyelet Sweat

Photographer : ANNA RAKHVALOVA

There’s a trend that stands out in this winter’s collections: the eyelet. Many luxury brands riddled their pieces with them, as you can see on my Pinterest board here. However, no need for you to make a hole in your wallet to adopt the little circled holes trend. Today I’m going to show you how to make your punched piece with a few pennies. For this DIY project, I used a sweatshirt from H&M and a kit of 40mm snap-on curtain eyelets that I found in a sewing supplies store. You’ll also need a pair of scissors and a pencil.

– Place the eyelet on the sweatshirt and draw the outline of the inside circle with the pencil (photo 1 & 2)

– Cut out the fabric following the outline (photo 3)

– Place one part of the eyelet through the hole and clip on the other part. The fabric will get stuck in between both parts and the eyelet will stay in place (photo 4).


For a casual look, you can wear this sweatshirt with jeans and a pretty pair of boots. Fashionistas will be wowed!


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