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Short hair!

It seems I have never told you the reason I went mad and cut my hair! You remember my platinum blond bob hairstyle? Until then, all was good. Then I turned to the pastel blue. This blue was meant to wear off after a few washes, but due to decolouration, my hair was so porous it stayed grey. I really liked the outcome, but one day, when I wanted to go back to my pretty white blond colour, the hairdresser had to decolour then highlight my long hair again, and that was a DISASTER!

While at the hairdresser’s, I noticed my hair falling out during drying, but nothing staggering. Back home, as I knew my hair had suffered, I massaged it with oil, then after washing it, I applied a very nourishing mask. When I was about to untangle it with the mask, it was just like in a horror movie, I swear: handfuls of my hair stayed in the comb. It was falling, endlessly falling. Handfuls of it! It was a nightmare. Half of my hair was broken very short. The hairdresser told me that my long hair already decoloured did not endure a second highlight (the one to take out the blue). Thus for a whole month, I looked like a little sick bird with my three long hairs on my head. For the month I wore a little ponytail to hide the misery. The day I went back to the hairdresser to have my platinum hair roots done, I went crazy “I’m done with this! Go on Rudy, cut it all off!” It’s just as well because I like it a lot like this; I would not have had the guts to try it.

Also last time, I wanted to switch from Dessange. I didn’t tell you, but the day I cut my hair, the colour specialist didn’t want to decolour my hair anymore, he made me sign a liability release so as not to take any risk. That terrified me!

Following Adeila’s advice, director of L’Oréal Professionnel France’s digital communication, I placed my hair in the hands of Denis, from Loft by Denis, just next to my place, and together we decided to cut it very short. I showed him a few pictures on my iphone, many of Jean Seberg and pixie hairstyles, and he understood perfectly what I wanted! Blond is not an easy colour, and I think he understood how anxious I was. He wasn’t worried at all! No need to sign a liability release, he reassured me a lot and explained everything he was doing. I came out with the perfect blond, white blond, a little creamy. I was over the moon! I have to say, Denis isn’t just anyone, he’s a L’Oréal Professionnel ID-Artist who works with the brand at headquarters. He has two hairdressing salons, one on rue de Tocqueville and another in Levallois if you’re interested.

To treat my decoloured hair, to avoid what happened to me a few weeks ago, or even having hair looking like straw, Denis advised me to use the new ritual de soins Pro Fiber. I think it’s out in June! You need to start with a first active treatment at the hairdresser’s and then you continue at home. They are products that penetrate durably the fibre to fix the active principles and are lasting, not like the classic cares that wear out after the first wash.

Nothing is as simple as taking care of my hair at home with this new hairstyle! A quick blow dry followed by a touch of pomade pixie or Short Mania paste and voilà! I am thrilled!

I think I’ll go back to see Denis in a few days to… go even shorter, oh yes! Once you’ve done it, you’ll see, short hair is a real addiction!

With this hairstyle, I’m real seventies! I am wearing Asos trousers, a striped Zara jumper with a Zara mesh tank top under, 70’s looking shoes are from What For!

Thanks to Slanelle for the photos! She is currently working for a fashion app called AskAnna, you can find out about it here.


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