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Behind the scenes of the filming of the new Elnett ad

Have you seen the latest Elnett ad with Ines de la Fressange (if not, it’s here et here)? Well a few weeks ago, the only snowy day in Paris if you remember, I had the immense opportunity to be present during the filming! A huge privilege knowing it’s the first time that this has happened. It was outstanding to discover the behind the scenes of such a set up!

I was told to be at the beautiful Shangri-La Hotel at 9 am. Almost the entire luxurious hotel was reserved by L’Oréal Paris and dedicated to the filming of the ad. Dozens (or even hundreds?) of people were busy in the hotel’s corridors with video equipment, settings, files… a tumultuous flow but perfectly organised.

The first scene took place in the sitting room of a splendid suite. I was placed in the room next door, with the France communication team; we were able to see the rendering live on screens. Once Ines was ready, the filming went pretty fast. Ines was outstandingly beautiful. Her hair was done very naturally, a bit like if she was at home one morning and had just finished getting ready.

There were several other scenes in the hotel, one of them being a fake photo shooting with a majestic décor made of gilt, crystal chandelier and huge reflective umbrellas. Just stunning! Here, Ines had a more sophisticated hairstyle but her hair was still loose.  It was for the evening scene, filmed on a balcony in front of the Eiffel tower and then on the steps of the hotel’s exit with a handsome comedian, that she wore a banana bun. Actually, what the ad emphasises, is that the Elnett lacquer can be used for many hairstyles, from the more natural ones to the most sophisticated, and in any circumstances thanks to the small size format enabling you to have it with you in a handbag.

I was like a little mouse with my Iphone trying to post live instagram, twitter and also snapchat that I use more and more (my pseudonym is elsasnakers if you’re looking for me). I also took many pictures with my reflex camera. Pfff I had so much material to play with once I came back, if you only knew! So I asked Julie Perrot to help me out a bit for the editing, which made me gain dozens of hours of conundrum I’d say. Indeed, I had in mind the music and the whirlwind effect I wanted to transpose in the video, but for the rest, it’s a proper job. Sometimes, you need to trust and delegate… I hope you enjoy the video?

Ines was incredible, far from the diva clichés one imagines a famous muse could be. Always smiling, enthusiastic, kind and available. Maybe even a bit too available form her agent’s point of you, he didn’t let me out of his sight haha! She answered two questions of mine, including one we all want to ask: what’s her secret for ageing so well (she is 57 year old!). Well, no scoops unfortunately, but I loved her answer to my second question “Hair there to have fun with”!

I do have a nice anecdote: the dog she has on a lead in the Debilly footbridge scene, is her own dog, it really is!

It was 12 crazy hours, I am extremely lucky to have been able to attend the filming, meet Ines, have lunch with the L’Oréal Paris managing director and everyone from the marketing department, and I am delighted to share this exclusively with you:*

By the way, next week I will be at Cannes and will have the opportunity to attend the international final of the Concours The Brush Contest, presented by the divine Eva Longoria (I am very lucky, and aware of that). So stay tuned on the social networks, I will try to take you with me and show you as much as I can.

Thanks to Mélanie and the L’Oréal Paris teams for allowing me this immense privilege <3


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