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Blue hair

Oups I did it again!

Tuesday I dyed my hair blue again, yes I did! I didn’t change anything concerning my hair for decades and now I want to cut, dye and even colour everything again. And when I see old pictures of myself, I seem so dull, it’s crazy! Could you not have told me, seriously? 😉

Anyhow, many of you asked me questions about this pastel blue on social networks, so here are a few answers:

-The colour’s name is Ocean Storm from the Instamatic de Wella line. I found it in the Bar des Coloristes, Paris I.

-Bar des Coloristes is a place Katia advised me to go and I find the concept pretty cool. In short, they are experts dedicated to colour. On your first visit, you have a diagnosis of your hair colour and they advise you on what you can do and not do + a prescription of the adequate colour tube + the gear to do it yourself (hot water-bottle, bowl, paintbrush) for 25 euros. If you want to apply it in situ, it’s about 60 or 65 euros I think.

-The colour stayed for about 6/8 washes and then my hair turned grey. I did not get my platinum blonde back again but it’s ok, grey rocks. I take care of it with Silver Sublime by L’Oreal Professionnel to avoid yellow highlights.

-It’s not meant to damage your hair, but I’m not sure about that. My hair did suffer! I must say I’ve put my hair through many colours since my first decolouration (and to avoid the blue colour wearing out out too quickly, I reduced my hair care…)

-If you want the best effect, which would be a nice uniform pastel blue, you first need to decolour your hair.

I think I have answered all the questions but don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have other ones! Would you dare to try it?

Thanks Anna for the photo <3

Have a great day,


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