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DIY like Christopher Kane AH16-17

Photographer Anna Rakhvalova

How about 15 euros instead of 280 euros? If you also fell for the fishnet bags and the crocheted flowers by Christopher Kane, but you’re a bit short on money, I suggest this DIY for you.

Concerning the flowers, I entrusted my mother with it, her crochet work is perfect having learned it on Youtube (it is she who does my Amusement Permanent panties trim, do you remember?). Once you’ve got the flowers, you just need to attach them to the bag and voilà!

I chose to fix them with a pin so as to use them the way I want, on a jumper or on a dress.

What you will need:

-Wool or cotton in different colours

-A crochet needle

-A fishnet shopping bag (10 euros at Merci’s or 1.5 euros at Naturalia’s cash registers for example)

-A Broach

-A needle to sew the flowers on the pins or directly on the bag

For those not so brave, but with the resources, below are Christopher Kane items you can buy and two Red Valentino dresses in the same vein 😉


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