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DIY : The Christopher Kane Pre Fall 16 look

Photographer : Alix de Beer

Wow, it’s been a while since I suggested a little DIY fashion! I’m making a strong comeback with a full Christopher Kane pre fall 2016 outfit. Graphical pieces of clothing that the designer created in tribute to his 2013 fashion show for the 10th birthday of the label. I know a few people who will be wandering around the DIY section of BHV this weekend haha! Take your scotch tape, your paint, and off you go!

Supplies required:

An old shirt, or your boyfriend’s one, and an old pair of jeans you want to recycle.

-For the shirt: 3 scotch tapes (black, red and silver), some scissors, and that’s all!

-For the trousers: 3 textile-painting colours (red, white and black), a paintbrush, a cutter, a pencil, a ruler, and self-sticking paper.

DIY for the shirt: stick 3 scotch tape bands of different lengths. Here is my gif.

DIY for the trousers: with a ruler and a pencil, draw rectangles on the self-adhesive paper. Cut out the rectangles with the cutter and use them like stencils (make sure to paint from the outside towards the inside to avoid the paint going under the paper). Then delicately pull off the self-sticking paper and let the paint dry before applying a band of a second colour.

Et voilà! For those not so enthusiastic about the “all-over”, you can wear the trousers with a black or white sweater, or the shirt with simple jeans. Xox! :*


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