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Who’s next ?

Photographer : Florie Berger, Make-up : Vegetalement


Two weeks ago, I went to visit the Who’s Next exhibition to find out about next summer’s trends. Two of them particularly caught my attention and got me enthusiastic: “no gender” and “recycled”.


More and more, barriers between masculine and feminine are blurred, in fashion but also in beauty. Androgynous models are the current stars; unisex collections are everywhere in luxury brands, and some designers even decided to combine women and men fashion-weeks for 2017 like Gucci, Vivienne Westwood or the very trendy Vêtements!




Also, in the exhibition, recycling was tops! Many designers created their collections from stylish recycled vintage, which encourages very creative pieces of clothing as well as limited editions! New features that originate from cut-offs are enhanced, this reminds me of Petit H d’Hermès: luxury items made out of workshops’ waste. That’s some +++ DIY 😉

Who’s Next did in fact launch the RE(CREATE) project by asking 5 designers using upcycling, to create items from clothes found in the warehouse of the vintage store Kiliwatch. The creations were then presented at the exhibition, I loved it!




Two brands following this trend particularly attracted my attention. I hope these findings will please you too!

Manémané Studio: Miguel and Guillermo are two Spanish designers. They mainly recycle old jeans to create more contemporary items. I love their version of Levi 501’s below!

Fade out Label: home made items in Berlin also from vintage jeans. A lot of patchwork and extremely comfortable asexual cuts … I have to admit it wasn’t easy to let go of my little outfit after taking these photos!

The small white bag is from the designer Clémence Flane.


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