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Permanent Fun

Photographer : Arthur Oscar , model : Lola Viande , make-up : Canelle Ferrari

Instead of being ashamed of our body hair, Marion from the Bonheur Permanent (with whom I share my office) and I decided to have a bit of fun by creating an underwear collection that you wear depending on the way you have waxed/shaved! A very first, I think ?!


We imagined an illusion concept with embroideries cut out in front of the pubis, oh yes! Our first collection is called 5 FRUIT AND VEGETABLES A DAY and you will quickly understand why haha. We have 4 different designs:

-Broccoli passion (we could have called it parsley passion too hihi) with a small broccoli sewn and cut out on the front that shows our pretty curls.

-Strawberry passion with a small strawberry sewn and cut out on front to downplay and make fun of the periods of regrowth!

-Radish passion with a small radish cut out on the front that becomes a pretty pink radish ready to be munched when you’re nicely shaved.

-Apricot passion with a small apricot sewn and cut out by the top of the buttocks to enhance the curves and unveil the line, oh my!

This is a good way to make your lover eat more vegetables, I can assure you of that!


Each item is crochet by my Mum (on the trims of the top of the panties and the bottom of the t-shirt) and hand sewn. There are 6 hours of work behind each item!

We named our brand AMUSEMENT PERMANENT (a mix between Elsa Muse + Bonheur Permanent) and we opened an e-shop: www.amusementpermanent.com.

So, which one for you today ? 🙂


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