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Photographer : Samuel Lagarto

New talent

Welcome to a new talent on the blog: the photographer Samuel Lagarto. I’ve been following Samuel’s work for a while now, since I came across his photos on the Instagram accounts of my blogger friends. I like the importance he gives to the choice of the background for his shootings. From a high-rise of a Parisian suburb to the Louis Vuitton foundation, the locations are eclectic but usually very architectural.

After a few email exchanges, we met up last week. In between two photos, Samuel told me that before becoming a photographer, he was an oenologist and even a company director. I am looking forward to seeing him again to learn a bit more about his unusual career path!


Samuel showed me a classified architectural gem, hidden in the middle of Paris’ 16th district. It is the villa the architect Robert Mallet-Stevens built for the sculptors Joël and Jan Martel in 1927. This great 20th century architect actually designed all the villas on his eponymous street, distinguished by cubic volumes. We just settled for some photos, but it’s a real haven of peace where Samuel and I would have quite happily stayed. And to know that the villa-workshop was for sale a few years ago… if only I knew about it (and I had 2. 5 million Euros haha)!

Even though it’s now impossible to buy the house, my looks that go so well with the setting are still for sale and at a sale price too! The items are in the wish list below. The only one missing is the white trousers and the wedged shoes by Tara Jarmon available in September 😉

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