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Photographer : Lydie Photographie

We shot this series of photos at la Défense with Lydie a few months ago. That was the first time I ever worked with this photographer who I had been following for several years. I first met her as a fashion and lifestyle blogger, under the name of Lyloutte. Her beauty (Long platinum blond hair at the time, with grey-blue eyes of which the colour is emphasised by thick black eyebrows) mesmerized me that day.

Since then, her gentle world and her graphical photographs have caught my eye and inspired me, just like this series recently photographed for Vanessa’s blog. Lydie is a talented artist we will see here very soon again, I am sure about that 🙂

I really enjoy wearing this kind of clothing, which gives me the feeling of wearing pyjamas during the day, and it’s just as well because it’s pretty trendy at the moment!


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