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DIY the pasta earrings

Photographer : Camille Richez / Make-up : Anais Ferraguti

Dolce & Vita inspiration

It’s hard to miss it: Italy is on the front page in fashion this summer! Whether with the SS16 Dolce & Gabbana collection, the Paulette magazaine edition “Je suis une fille spaghetti” (check out the video of the talented Leo Schrepel around the fashion series of the magazine here), the summer collection Sézane theme (look-books here, Ciao Roma’s video, Amalfi’s video) or even the last SS16 by Love Stories look-book, its all to do with Dolce & Vita. The beauty sector is hit too: Dolce & Gabbana launched a make-up line “Summer in Italia” and the brand Annick Goutal created a limited edition of 3 perfumes that shows Camille Goutal’s love for this country. My friend Cécile Togni created the visual identity of this collection; You can find out all about their wonderful collaboration here.

Pitch In

When I hear Italy, I think of pasta! And it’s a pasta based DIY I suggest here, a sort of more fashionable remake of the timeless necklaces we used to make when we were in Kindergarten for mother’s day

Supplies required: a pack of large shell shaped pasta / two ear-clips / two loop rods / a spray-paint can / a wire cutter / a round flat tongs / Italian coloured pearls / super glue



1/ Start by spraying the pasta all over. 2/ While they are drying, stick the pearls you have chosen on the ear-clips. 3/ Thread two other pearls on two loop rods and shorten the rods with the wire cutter 4/ With the round flat tongs, round off the edge of the rods 5/ Stick another loop rod on each pasta 6/ To finish, hang the clips onto the rod on which the pearl is, and then onto the pasta.

Mamamia ! Ma que bella !

And here is my little fashion selection to wear with the earrings:


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